Friday, 4 January 2013

What on earth do I do with these?!

I think they're sew beautiful but I don't know what to do with them! I made them 4 years ago for my art A-level, they were part of a big mossy landscape, but are now lonely in the supplies draw!
Any ideas?

They were actually really easy to do - I made felt balls the regular way (attempted using the tights and washing machine trick which definitely did not work for me) and then wrapped synthetic fabrics and threads (e.g. voile) around each ball, secured with a pin and then used a heat gun to melt away layers of the wrappings to whatever level I liked best. I then used the heat gun with embossing glue and powder to add the metallic shine and some were beaded

Other ideas for these were SEVERE melting, wire wrapping, threading beads on said wire, and I even tried to use washers instead of felt balls which did work but needed extreme patience.

If you don't want a felt ball base, these were started off on metal skewers or needles depending on what size hole you want in your bead.

I love all of these and used them last for pretty A-level things...but now what?

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  1. try this! coloured rubber thread and you can rearrange your balls by sliding - Elaine


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