Thursday, 4 June 2009

Fimo Fun Times

Remember all those fimo buttons i made here? well with a bit of good presentation, they're okay to be sold! Either on folksy, or this stall thats lurking in the future maybe. Cheap as chips hopefully - there are so many overpriced things out there. I'll put these at a pound or 2 at the most :)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Unloved Oldies

These handmade beauties have also been hidden at the back of a drawer...they'll be on folksy in a few days - I just don't wear them! Goodness knows why because they really are well made :) Mummy Sew made them years ago...I really need to post something that was made by ME...tehe!
I've discovered an awful lot of these things recently...and an awful lot of awesome vintage clothes i have bought and worn once, sew come christmas (or as soon as possible really when its not term time) i will be having a stall at a vintage fair! I could easily fill a stall - probably more than once! Its incredible how many beautiful vintage clothes i have!

Summer Brooches

I found these a few days ago - Mummy Sew made them ages ago and i thought they'd look wonderful adorning a few of my hand bags this summer. I also sent 4 off in a brooches swap today - means ill be awaiting the postman all excited again for the next week or sew.
Also check what I received in a swap the other day - i have about a metre of it and god knows what i'll do with it but isn't it fabulous?! So vintage and wonderful :)