Pollock House and Gardens 23/2/13

Ancient tree covered in scraps, baubles and even tied on bits of rubbish.

Castlerigg Stone Circle, Pooh Sticks and a BBQ 17/2/13

Discovering what Sheep wool feels like!

Derwent Water 

Glow sticks! 

February 2nd 2013 - Our 5th Anniversary
'Come Walk With Me' Swap
We spent our 5th anniversary wandering up and down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, visited the Castle which was spectacular and went out to dinner - TGI Fridays when we arrived late on the Friday and then an amazing steak/seafood restaurant called Wildfire on Rose Street on the Saturday night. Freezing cold of course but the most beautiful clear day. We even managed a walk around Kelvingrove on Sunday afternoon to spot the first buds of the year!

Aimed directly at our hotel The Old Waverley on Princes Street!

The one o'clock canon made my jump!

Our hotel room view...amazing!

January 2013 Snow in the Lake District (taken by Tom...on his PHONE!!)


Pine cone collecting in Dodd Wood! And roasting marshmallows on our (washing machine drum) fire pit

Treacle, pine cones and my man, proving he's still a child at heart! 

Grizedale Camping Yurts, November 2012

Dumfries Medical Block, 2012

Grizedale Camping Pods, Hawkshead Village and Tarn Hows, October 2012

The beauty of bonfire night...2012

Bangor, N. Ireland. December 2012

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