Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fairy Mice!!

Courtesy of MummySew...what on earth could be better?? She's holding a little silver star *eeep!*. Her pattern was from Alan Dart and he calls them fluffy fairies! I just can't find the pattern online anymore. Found it! He has it for free - he's a genius! Click here
On a more simplistic note - felt mice for your christmas stockings! Loving the whiskers, although I unfortunately can't remember where I got their pattern from! Found him! He's a seriously cute mouse tutorial from Rhythm and Rhyme (which is a really lovely blog).


  1. OMG it's so beautiful!!!
    and the one that your mom knitted it is so cute i wish if you publish the pattern plz i imagine it as a key chain already!!,,i wish i can do stuff like that :))))

    sierasita from blogging into 2012 swap

    1. Thankyou! I have so much fun doing these, I have a Christmas mouse tradition with my mum :) we'll try and dig the pattern out for you!

    2. We found the pattern!! I've added to the post. It's an Alan Dart knitting pattern who is a genius :p Find it here http://www.alandart.co.uk/product/all-patterns/furry-fairiesfree/


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