Thursday, 25 February 2010

Button Hunting

Buttons! Vintage ones!
Pop over to my folksy shop to view the other sets I have for sale :)
More to come soon...

Good old altoids tin helping out!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Tutorial: Felt Bows

These are of course, horrendously easy!

1. Cut yourself a little rectangle and a smaller strip out of felt. I used: rectangle - 5.5 cm by 3.5 cm and strip 3.5 cm by 1 cm
2. Use a running stitch up the centre of the rectangle to ruche it up by pulling the thread tight once stitched. I used a double row of stitches to add strength.

3. Take the little strip of felt and wrap it around the ruched rectangle, stitching it to itself at the back of the bow. Make sure this is relatively tight also.
4. Sew or glue your kirby grips on - i sewed at three points so that my stitches wouldn't come off the hair slides.
5. Wear with pride!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Thanks Postie

OWOH giveaways have been given to the postie and are off on their to Australia, two to the US and one to the UK!
I re-use jiffy bags all the time - and it saddens me slightly to see them in such a sorry state...But this little guy makes me feel a little better.
'I'm not scruffy, I'm recycled'
Precisely :)

EDIT: after many hours of trawling through internet sites i found this little guys home! He came from here! I simple copied him and used Microsoft Word to make the labels :)

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Bread Making

Did I mention bread making?
Soda bread. For when the cupboards are bare!

Oh and I totally miss cuddles from this one...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Robin Hoods Bay

I had the most wonderful weekend. I think I've mentioned this three times here already but I DID. look...
We had an eco lodge for the night in Ravenscar just down the coast from Robin Hoods Bay.
Tom organised the most beautiful flowers and chocolates!

We had a log burning stove and 2 floors with a kitchen and the most decadent wallpaper and chandeliers all to ourselves! Gorgeous lodges with the most spectacular views...

We went for a swim at the hotel, wandered down into Robin Hoods Bay and went fossil hunting and found an amenite fossil! And some cheats fossil hunting...which was too pretty and touristy to refuse! Isn't it inspiring??

Oh and we went out for the yummiest dinner at the Wayfarer Bistro also in Robin Hoods Bay which had the most gorgeous abstract artwork. I had lemon sole, and Tom had seabass - it seemed rude not to have fish when they were so famous for it.

We giggled all weekend, had tea and cakes at every tearoom we passed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Of course going back home to MummySew was lovely too. Amazing home cooking, crafty times and bread making...I didn't want to leave :(

Monday, 15 February 2010

OWOH winners and a little crafting

Before I start - Happy Valentines Day! I've had the most wonderful weekend...but first things first - OWOH winners!

  1. 1 40 piece paper pack is going to: Sherry
  2. 6 felt covered drawing pins are going to: Sandi M
  3. 4 little hair bows are going to: Ozlynda
  4. 6 animal pencil toppers are going to: Kristal
Names link to blogs :) I chose who got what based (after did its job) on what they liked best in their comment :) emails will be going out shortly!

And on a crafty note, MummySew and I found some inspiration over at poppytalk within their 'Polymer Gift Tag' tutorial. Out came the Fimo and the oven was time for these little tags to be made up...
...cut out with cookie cutters and with a cocktail stick, make a little hole...
...for tying up with rafia for a rustic look...
...i cut some teenyweeny shapes for making little cards with, like this maybe? I have hearts and other cute little shapes too
...i tried indenting the larger shapes with the smaller cutters worked well...and acrylic rubbed in well. As its water based, if you don't like it at this point, simply wash off the acrylic and try again :)
...won't they be lovely for adorning pressies?

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cosy Gloves

I can't remember if I ever showed you these? They have been my salvation this winter. I wear them almost everyday - revelling in the fact that i can text with gloves on! It was Mummy Sew again of course - they were 2 christmasses ago now i think and they're still going strong. I do adore bright colours :) they cheer up dull days sew quickly! Magically easy to do too - knit a square and and when you sew the sides up, leave a hole in the seam!

I also have a couple of little people waiting to meet their buttons. Maggie and Samantha will have a sibling or two soon!

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Feeling heArty

Valentines approaches and I'm getting excited about going home to Mummy Sew for the weekend. Plus a night in Robin Hoods Bay in a luxury eco lodge with the man - cue walks on the beach and touristy shopping! It'll be wonderful :)
In the mean time...i noticed a tiny little string of hearts here and loved how simple and effective it was! I enlarged it a little and have made quite a few! I have them hanging above my radiator so they dance in the warm air, sending shadows over the walls :) cute!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Stanley and Snuggles

I had a bit of a blog shuffle a few days ago - very traumatic! I added a third column on the right with a fantastically easy tutorial from here (after wading through the terrifically unhelpful and complicated tutorials everywhere else!).
I also added Maggie to the header...she'll have a few friends soon i hope. I have two themes in this space :)
Its snowed today - lots of lovely beautiful snow! Everyone here is annoyed...but i don't think the novelty has worn off for me yet - i love it.
Anyway heres a few things i've been meaning to show you...
Remember I oooh-ed at these?? Well look what arrived in the post! Its amazing - sooo warm and snuggley. Its looks a bit mad!
I had no idea how to photograph it - i think ot looks like a nest. Or a large furry animal!

Oh and did i tell you about Stanley?? I got him for Christmas - here he is coming up to Glasgow...i think we shocked a few fellow motorists, but he nursed the picnic well all the way!
I'm still amazed at the response to my giveaway - not long to go now. Its nice to know sometimes, that i don't just ramble to myself.