Thursday, 17 January 2013

Tutorial: Crochet Necklace

This is a little tutorial for the crochet necklace that I made in my last post here.
I made the decision to keep the single strand instead of with the scallop edging...but I had a pattern ready so here it is. I'll be trying making dozens of these once I get hold of some more materials! 
Stop at step 3 if you simple version or carry on to add fancy edging (like teddy's displaying).

 1. Pick your materials...
I have a limited craft supply with me at University but I managed non-the-less. Pick a thread (be it wool or crochet thread) and then find a set of beads which you can thread on. Obviously they need to be able to pass over the eye of the needle which will hold your chosen thread.
I used 62 beads and size 3.00 crochet hook.
I wanted a very long necklace which I could wind around my neck 3 or 4 times - you can use your artistic licence with this!

2. Make your button-hole...
Use that artistic license again with this. I used the following, but I was using wool not crochet thread and quite a large crochet hook. You may need more chain and more single crochets with smaller thread/hooks.

8 chain, slip stitch to form a ring
15 single crochet into ring
Pick up the tail and chain 3
Drop the tail and chain 4

3. Crochet in your first bead...
This is easier than I expected. Snuggle the bead up close to the last chain, yarn over and do a chain as if the bead wasn't there at all!
Chain 7, add 2nd bead
Chain 7, add 3rd bead
You will need to keep pushing the beads away from your crocheting - don't worry, it's not a hardship.

4. Add your edging...
You can choose any edging you want at all! I found hundreds on blogs and on pinterest but settled with a simple scalloped edge to get me started. So after you have crocheted in your last bead...
Crochet 7
Turn, skip one chain and single crochet
Skip one chain and do 5 double crochet into this chain
Skip one chain, single crochet
2 chain to get you over the bead (with smaller beads, this may only need to be one chain)
single crochet into second chain after bead

5. Finish off...
When you get back to your button hole, weave in your tail from the beginning and the end.
Sew on a button or large bead to secure.
Some edging patterns want you go up one side and down the other so you may need to travel the length of your necklace a third time...good luck!

As I said in my previous post, I still need to block my necklace - soak in warm warm and then pin to the ironing board, slightly stretched until dry. This makes it keep its shape better!

And there you have it! A simple, classy necklace. I can't wait to try this in lots of bright colours and with snazzy beads.


  1. Wow I love that. It turned out amazing. Not something that would look good on me but I could totally see my sister wearing it.

    ~j3ss1ca (SB)

    1. Thank you Jessica! I loved discovering how to do this - just wish I had more supplies to stuff in that suitcase of mine :) hehe


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