Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pollock House

Pop over to the photography tab for some spring pictures. I'm so in love with the sunny, cold mornings and lighter evenings. 

Pollock house was beautiful - the grounds in particular. Will have to remember for next time we want a country walk in Glasgow city center! There was an amazing gnarled old tree covered in scraps of fabric, pieces of rubbish, christmas baubles and hairbobbles...all sorts! I'd love to know more about it.

Life at GP practice is fantastic - I'm taking 'student surgeries' where I see all the patients and attempt to cobble together a management plan and prescribe the right drugs! Very tricky but loving the challenge. 
I'll be sad to leave the practice - especially to go onto ENT!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I have a few little silly things on my to do list at the moment...

1. Make a valentine themed garland with chocolate coin papers...(getting there! Think it needs more pompoms...)
2. Finish my crochet llama (!)
3. Find pretty colouring pages to use as squiggley embroidery patterns.
4. Make random wall art thing with recycled magazine pages...(rethink stapling technique)

5. Papier mache something...(I'm thinking little bright bowls!)
6. Felt and embroider a set of stones...(one for each of the family?)
7. Create a crocheted flower and leaf garland...(currently testing patterns, not found the perfect one yet! I like the flower with the large centre...but love the heart! May need 2 garlands)

8. Find something gorgeous to make for OWOA

Friday, 22 February 2013

Mixed Media A-level Canvas's

Some of my A-level canvases which I remembered to picture before they were crushed into the bins :s 
4 or 5 years ago now. Where does time go??

This was Little Red Riding Hood inspired - see the twigs, the trees coming to life, the 2 pictures of the granny and the wolf superimposed on top of dripping blood, her abandoned cloak and mini cartoons traipsing along the bottom edge. Very teenage angst don't you think :p

I don't even remember what inspired this project. And I've actually photographed it upside down!! I think da vinci was in there somewhere...Top right (should be bottom left) is a venice scene...there's a lilly in white outline on the bubbles too. I'll dig out the inspiration book and clue you and me both up sometime soon. 

This one was not by me...but most definitely inspired my A-level work. A close family friend (and ex-teacher!) Sarah gifted my this when I admired it :)

Voile, feathers, orange bags, fabric, paper, voile, card etc etc etc!! Beautiful.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A piercing and a book

My new nose!! So exciting! I can't wait for it to heal and to change to a ring/sparkle. Although all this attic work is not good- the dust does not help healing :s

I also wanted to share this fantastic find with you. Technically it's one of MummySews Christmas presents.

Phantasmagoria by Lewic Carroll. The whole (long) book is if verse! Amazing! It's about a little ghoul.

P.S. GP life still very cool - need to get some serious study in mind you...the brain has got complacent during my last surgery block :s

Monday, 18 February 2013

Mad Rush!

This weekend was amazing - so busy, but amazing! Tom bought me 2 enormous bunches of flowers which I had to snap a very quick picture of in-between outings. 

This was the cheesey card I sent him last week - I've never posted a Valentines card before and it was definitely very cheesey but made him smile. You get a few crumbs free with this picture :p

Then the weekend highlight was a trip to Castlerigg stone circle with some friends and their 3 year old who I am slowly learning to deal with. It's a difficult skill to master - communicating with children. Hats off to all you naturals out there!
Finished an amazing day off with a 4 mile run (ahem...walk) and the first BBQ of the season!! Warm enough with blankets and a fire pit :)

Again, I've added some fancy pics to the photography tab... but here are 2 to tempt you over :)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Anniversary times...

Fifth Anniversary. FIFTH!! Amazing weekend in Edinburgh. 

See some snaps under the photography tab.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Well I've been busy! Maybe not crafting...but busy none-the-less.
As you will see from MummySews blog, I have been home for the weekend - we packed a million boxes or STUFF and practically emptied the attic. Packing away the craft room was hilarious - it's not nearly half done and we have so many yummy things to play with!
This is, of course, for Mums big move. We just don't know when yet!

We also went to see 'A Night in Vienna' which was an fantastic orchestra who played vienesse waltz's - usually Strauss all night. The composer was great fun and there were dancers and the odd operatic number too! Very cool :) us 3 generations loved it!

Then I trained back to Glasgow and rolled up some truffles. Rum Truffles and chocolate fudge (MummySew has the recipes here). And yes they are Barbie sprinkles.

What the occassion? I'm moving in with a GP family in Newton Stewart for 5 weeks. I'm on placement at their practice which is 2 hours away from Glasgow. They have 4 amazing kids and a huge dog.
Learning curve to say the least - very strange being part of a big family with family meals and outings and evening activities!! Fab house too.

The drive down was through the Galloway Forest Park which was stunning - drove past some really weird things! Blockloch tower for one...which sticks out like a rather impressive 4-storey thumb.

But there were also snow topped mountains and Lochside power plants. Would love to wander a few miles with my camera! Road-side snapping just wasn't good enough. As you can see:

It was so much more beautiful than these 2 crappy pics. You'll have to visit yourself to find out!

The first night I was here I agreed to go along to their running club. 6km run! Wow. 2 days later and I'm still aching. I suppose I better keep exercising though - in Glasgow I do weekly salsa and pole-dancing so I need to keep doing something while I'm away.

I am also loving seeing what the GPs do day-to-day. So much more than you would expect.