Sunday, 30 December 2012

Blogging updates!

Sew, blogger has all these new features (which have probably been there for months) that I haven't spotted before, and I'm attempting a bit of an update! At the same time, were adding MummySew to the blogging world!! Sew excited :D
No posts yet, but watch out! Find her at 
I'm waiting for inspiration to hit sew I can change my blog header, its neither central nor big enough *sigh*

And just sew I'm not posting without a's a little stocking filler that I made for mummysew! Lavender bags proudly presented by a mouse family that mummysew made a few years ago. Silly little embroidery that I can do with the limited selection of craft supplies that I take with me to Glasgow. Fun!

Meet Clara!

 MummySew and I created Clara (and Clara's friend) on a course at Carlisle University - we sewed her bodice in multiple layers and then ripped and shredded layers away. Her arms, legs and head were sewed and then her skirt was decorated and fixed with a ribbon and bow.

 She has a few accessories which are forever on the WIP shelf - a pair of long gloves, a wrap and a pair of wings (which need serious button embelishment)!
MummySew will be starting a blog in the new this space to meet Clara's friend!

Saturday, 29 December 2012


 So this was my take on dotties!! Well, they started out as dotties but kind of ended up a different kind of thing altogether - unsurprising since I've not done them before. Whatever they are I think they're quite cute! And i liked using up pretty scraps of fabric and painting their faces on felt.
 First came the girls...and then the boys!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Yoda (ish)

 My first 3D crochet project!!! Admittedly, he doesn't look much like yoda (no-one seems to be able to recognise him) but I'm chuffed with him :) his toes are cute. His pattern came from happytogether - very good for beginners like me! Takes a bit of getting used to though, working out differences between american and english pattern reading. Hopefully I can hone my skills over 2013!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Spring lambs

I can't even remember where I found the pattern for this little guy, but he's very cute!

I keep making these things but have nowhere to put them! I suppose they're a bit useless...but just fun to make! Always a pain to go back to uni and leave my fancy sewing machine behind...

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Cupcake Flags!

Cause they're so blimming expensive in the shops!


So today we had both crafting and a Christmassy outing! First a pair of party turtles...I made these for stockings last year and the never quite made it into the blog! Sew cute! There's a free tutorial over on vintagericrac. Note Great Grannies vintage bedthrow in the background!
There's also a host of button fairies around this year...I didn't know you've met these guys their peers, they have knickers and finery under all their outer garments! Such fun, teeny things to make :)

And then we nipped off into Leeds for dinner and the theatre - The Nutcracker!! Fantastic show as always from the northern ballet and our usual box was cosy and Christmassy.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Comfy Christmas

Christmas at home is bliss! We decorated the WHOLE house, and we've had a crafty time on the way. I think you met our treetop barbie before...well obviously she's back this year!
We also found this idea for old christmas cards on pinterest (my new obsession)!  Quite fun to stick on inside doors.

And I collected a million pine cones recently with the man which have been drying out ready for crafty this space! Meanwhile though, the manky ones ended up on the fire - and smelt amazing!

Recycling Newspaper

Sew, I've been recycling! Found a fantastically detailed instruction guide on how to make these storage boxes. Find the tutorial here in totally green crafts.

Aren't they full of character! For this box (the prototype!) I used felt to bind the edges and brown paper to line with. The felt was days to glue on and wouldn't I can pinking shears the edges. To add detail I thought about embellishing with all sorts of things...sequins/buttons/glitter. For now, I used one of the origami paper bows which  I found a tutorial for here on let's create!

I think they'd be fab full of crafty goods, all stood in a row!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Chocolate indulgence!

So we've had a week of baking in the Reeves household! First up we made sweetie's - Rum truffles, traditional fudge and chocolate and pistachio fudge for packaging with ribbon and gorgeous petite four cases! 

 Then something new this year, we soaked strips of orange peel in sugar and water then sugar coated them...then dunked them in chocolate. Surprisingly, I love these - they are so sweet (I'm not usually a peel fan!)
Don't fear...this isn't turning into a foody blog!! I just can't post the silly little gifts from this year until after the 25th!