Thursday, 24 January 2013

Daphne, Crochet, Quiche and Wasgijs...

This post is a strange selection of recent things...

I'm most excited about the crochet threads I found in a local charity shop recently...this is definitely seed bead crochet necklace material!! Watch this space!!

Oh and that's Daphne - on my to do list after I finish the trash I'm currently reading. I'm getting itchy fingers though!

I also branched out in the kitchen and made a quiche for placement this week - didn't quite fill the case but the blind-baking was enormously successful! This week was salmon, mushroom, spinach and onions. Didn't realise quite how easy this was!! Just eggs and cream! Might have to do this regularly with whatevers knocking about in the fridge :) Easy to eat in lunchtime meetings at the hospital.

 And a bit of geek-ery...the most recent flat wasgij (a backwards jigsaw - the photo on the box is definitely NOT the picture on the jigaw - it's just a clue...hilarious!).


  1. The quiche looks yummy and the yarns are lovely colours. Great find! x

  2. I'm here from the Quick Follow My Blog Swap #2. I enjoyed browsing through your blog, and the quiche looks delicious. I have never made a quiche, but now I would like to try.

  3. I'm here from Quick Follow My Blog Swap #2! I'm SilverHealer :) I love your blog and I love making quiche :D :D

  4. I'm SilverHealer from the Quick Follow My Blog Swap #2! :) I LOVE your blog!!


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