Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I keep finding little crafty things that I started and never finished...and now I have no idea what to do with them!

A bit of indian inspiration turned into a simple felt embroidery. Any ideas on what to do with this?! Plus the man and I are planning a (shopping) trip to India this summer...can't...wait...!!! I think it'll top me up on inspiration for years!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Showing off this camera some more...

...but I promise to post something crafty soon! Plus MummySew may be joining the blogging world in the New Year - so excited to have her online!
So we stumbled across teletubby land at Tarn Hows recently...
 and knocked a penny into one the many tree collections
 I miss Treacle like bonkers...Christmas hols this year will be gladly welcomed, particularly after 5 weeks on placement in ITU!
 Bonfire night was a while ago now, but I loved the effects I found with the camera...

 I've loved catching up with my girlies too recently.
 Goodnight for now.

Sorry I'm late!

So I'm seriously behind on times by the looks of things! I can't possibly update you on everything since last we spoke...but here's a few highlights. They're much easier to explain now I have my Nikon J1 too!
So I'm still in med school (yawn) - my last placement was in Dumfries for 10 weeks

And my favourite man i still very much around...we've found the most amazing campsite and had 2 trips recently to Grizedale. First with a stay in an insulated pod...

And then the most amazing Yurt as the weather got colder...

We met this guy at the campsite (Prodigy own the other 8!)

 And I continued to play around with my fancy new camera... (its all a bit difficult!). On the plus side, my doctors handwriting is improving!

I'm am getting into the christmas spirit so expect some crafty posts soon...!