Friday, 18 January 2013


Happy Birthday MummySew!!!

After stitching my header, I found this really awesome site - Sarahs Hand Embroidery Tutorials. It has a fantastic embroidery picture dictionary, sew you can pick a stitch, click on it to see how its done and away you go!! I'm loving the knot family at the moment (first 't').

I wanted to add more, but didn't really know how - better planning next time. I'm thinking chain stitch flowers and fishbone stitch leaves. 
I printed out the 'Scarlett' from the computer in a fancy font and penciled it onto the linen (I need to find a better way of marking my fabric - pencil does NOT rub out).

And then I didn't know how to present it!! Eventually I made it into a card, just glueing the edges of the linen behind a frame. Really I suppose I should have stretched it over some card...or framed it...
I had great fun though! And I hope Mummy Sew liked it :)

P.S. that linen is a recycled tea-towel. Hope you approve!


  1. thx for the recommendation,i'll check out for the website hopefully i can learn some new stitches so i can use them in my next project,
    happy B-day for mummmy sew wish her all the best and health in this life

    1. Isn't it a great website! Hope you find it useful :)

  2. Thank you honey for the amazing card and wonderful gifts (some of which are now on my blog) - how you have time to do this and study I'll never know! I will be framing it and hanging it proudly! I am one very lucky MummySew. XOX

    1. Wish I could be home with you, but I'm glad you liked your pressies! Sew excited that you're blogging too these days! xox


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