Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Home Sweet Home

I'm Home!!! (well, i was home two weeks ago, but my postlet got forgotten...anyway i have found it again and here it is!)
And look who was waiting for me...

He's a mix of standard stuffing with pearl barley and lavender in his bottom and at the end of his limbs - so i think he could work like a wheat pocket and be microwave-able? He's a gorgeous little thing from MummySew - sew not only does he smell nice, but he sits upright cause he has heavy handsies!

This tombe was also awaiting me - 'A Physician in the House' by J. H Greer. Its a White Cross Emergency book from 1914, with the most hilarious antidotes...for example...
"Sore Throat - hardly any remedy for sore throat proves more effacious than the old-fashioned plan of tying around the throat a slice of fat bacon on which is sprinkled red pepper."
How amazing that medicine has gone so far in less than 100 years. Should be comical to compare to my readings at uni.
Its all madness!
Oh, I've also been making bows - just little delicate ones for my hair. Sew simple, Sew quick, Sew cute! I like them in red...

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Do you Believe in Angels?

Mummy Sew sent a little hand drawn card up to me in Glasgow the other day which read ' Do you Believe in Angels?' and then inside...'There may be one coming your way soon!'
How intrigueing! And then today the post bought me my first christmas card (not counting the Royal Mail one) - a cancer research one with Singing Angels on from Ma...accompanied with...Maggie!!!

Isn't she fantastic?? All her limbs are buttons, with beads for knees so that she articulates. Such a sweeeet idea :) She starts the festive season - university halls doesnt seem to do festive very well. Thank goodness for Mummy Sew!!