Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sea-Weathered Treasure (and a mini-flower garland tutorial)

Tom came back to me today with a new piece of sea-weathered pottery for my collection. I have 2 handfuls now...aren't they beautiful?

And those bright threads I blogged about recently haven't done much - I'm making a teeny tiny flower chain to wear as a necklace. Some look more like flowers than others - they need a bit of moulding!

They're each roughly the size of my pinky finger nail. 

Chain 12
Sl st into 6th chain to make circle
2 double crochet
Slip stitch into centre
Flip tail over and repeat 5 times on the other side of the tail
Chain 12...repeat...

I have about 15 flowers now...unfortunately I think I need about 40!!


  1. This is so cute. You could use them for all sorts of things as an edging as well as jewellery etc. Love the weathered pottery too. Need a lovely old bowl to display them in. Wish I could visit the beach for a beach combing session. It's ages since I've done that. x

    1. Jewellery could be cool for the pottery too? One of the heavily painted ones on a ring...come to cumbria and all the little beaches there are good for beach combing! I bet in this rainy windy weather there'd be loads! Although maybe not the most pleasant day out haha x

  2. That necklace will be awesome :) Keep at it! Also, the pottery is so cool!

    - alexalgebra from Swap-Bot

    1. Thanks!! I need lots of patience lol - and I'll keep collecting too. May take a decade or two but imagine how cool a mosaic would be!


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