Thursday, 16 April 2009

Sew I made pretty pegs!

Another swap recently called for decorated clothespins. It was PriscillaBrunson's swap and a really original idea :) I have some gorgeous japanese paper that were a present to Mummy Sew, which i cut a few strips off to paper the front of my pegs with.
I then glued some Butterfly/Heart gems to the front, and a magnet to the back et voila! Fridge Magnet Clips! For photo's and notes and the like.

And here is what i got in return

These from Lishmo all the way from Texas! These were absolutely adorable and the extra's she sent were wonderfully original! Just look at that ribbon, its so pretty i may simply make it into a cuff. So different!! And then these...

from Pensylvania! What an awesome swap :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sew a Collar

This came in a mix bag of stuff from the most recent Leeds Vintage Fashion Fair in the town hall, i didn't realise what it was until i got it home. Other ribbons and such were lovely, but this was raggedy and had obviously been hacked off something (I just wish i knew what!). There is also a matching but slightly lacier bib...which i think will be sewn onto a strappy white top, on the watch this space!

Anyway, the collar needed only half an hour to a few seams and fix the clasp a little and actually looks rather quirky now. Especially with a strapless or low top. Good find methinks :)

Sew I'm a bit late...

...but Happy Easter anyway!
Sew what did we do?? Easter day was a long walk with the man through the beautiful and local Plumpton Rocks with a few pictures for the old (and slightly neglected) A-level...

And then I had a wonderfully childish time in the kitchen and made these, having just been presented with a cupcake book from Mummy Sew.

Then off to work a night shift ...good day though :)

Sew a Handbag...

Mummy Sew did this one quite a while ago now - it was getting a bit neglected sew I've added it to my SHOP over on folksy to see if some one will give it a home and some use :)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sew i've started swapping!

I've discovered the coolest website! (okay sew i discovered it about a month ago and have only just blogged about it...) it's called swap-bot and you literally sign up, write a little about yourself and start swapping. How fab??
Sew my first swap was a matchbox swap. Theme: green
Here was what I sent...
It's surprising how much you can fit into a matchbox! I put in a few handmade beads, felt balls, one of my new felt drawing pins and quite a bit else besides...
I packed it all in and wrapped it up in brown paper and green ribbon. It looked delicious!
I joined a few others that were themed pink and purple, and yellow and teal see?
Started adding extras for a heart and to destash a little! Also little notes on mini cards.

And Tea Themed, with 2 english rose teabags inside...

sew yes, over the past month, i've had a bit of a matchbox phase.... but they ARE cute, are they not?

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sew use up your scraps...

Mummy Sew has been at it again! She stole my yummy scraps that i made my first set of bags out of and fashioned this:
Its rather funky since she has a different slice of fabric on each side...i like!
And with HER scraps, I made a teeny diddy needle case. Now thats thrifty!

Sew start recycling!

I found a fab little tutorial to make coin purses out of juice cartons! Love recycling so it was good fun! Link
Rather original and surprisingly roomy...

How cute! 2 different types here (the first went wrong and i wasn't going to chuck it after all that folding! so its got a folded in flap rather than an over the top flap).

Sew an owl box...

I attempted a box a few weeks ago - a slightly bigger one than my other ones and made it of 2 layers of felt for sturdiness...needless to say it didn't work! See:

A tad floppy!

Sew, I ripped it up, cut it out again, made it a tad smaller, added sew in interlining aaaand hey presto a box thats stands up!

twit twoo!!

p.s. much prefer the handstitched blanket stitch edging than the machining. Took a bit longer but was good to do while listening to the new Franz album :)

Sew a CD stasher

Hmmmm so I've worked out that if I'll be at uni in Glasgow - there will some serious road trips occuring. Mona (the moaning Micra) has one CD slot and hence I need a CD holder!! Sew I made up this holder for 12 CD's. Quite swish actually I think!

Had to use sheers so you can see which CD's are about and actually I think it'll work quite well. Didn't take too long once I'd got worked out what I wanted. Its not exactly small though so it'll be slightly squashed into the glove compartment!