Sunday, 6 January 2013

Toilet Roll Owls!

My new obsession with pinterest has left me with a whole hoard of things to try out! For those of you who don't know - pinterest is basically an online scrapbook. You can search other peoples 'boards' which have 'pins' on them or pin your own ideas which you find on the internet e.g. someones blog might have a tutorial you want to try and you want to save the idea for later. Much easier than printing, cutting, sticking, losing bits of paper etc etc
I quite like all the childish silly paper ideas at the moment, but theres some gorgeous free patterns and ideas on my 'crochet crafting' and my 'felt fun' board. Can't wait to have a go!

Here's one of the more silly ideas I had to have a go at over Christmas...
...toilet roll owls!!! Yes, I had awesome fun. They look a bit like soldiers with the cupcake flags in wing. They served as pretty cute place names this year on the Christmas table.


  1. These are so fun. I saw a cat version of these on pinterest and made some for my sister. I wonder what other little creatures can be made using this style? - Akhenaten

    1. Cats would be so sweet! Didn't even think of using the points as real ears - there could be mice too. Might have to make a cat a mouse this space haha!

  2. This are adorable. I might just have to do these with my kiddos. We love crafting at my house. Thanks for sharing.

    ~j3ss1ca (SB)

    1. Good idea!! Let me know if you come up with any other animal ideas :)


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