Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Crocheting Pearls Darling

Sew today Teddy has been helping me make a crocheted necklace! Pinterest has inspired me - in my head I had a looong necklace, quite simple, which I could loop around me neck a few times.

I rummaged through the vintage suitcase I use as my craft stash and the only beads I had which would fit on my thinnest wool were nobbley pearls...which I love.

 This is what I ended up with! I really like it actually. Apparently it needs blocking which makes it holds its shape better. Soak in warm water and then pin to the ironing board, slightly stretched.

Thing is, I got a bit carried away and tried a scalloped edging - now I'm not sure if this will work...anyone have any preference - plain or with edging? I made the pattern up too which I can post if I go for the scalloped type. Do you think it would lay flat on my chest or curl up and look messy? Choices choices!
I would love to try this with proper crochet thread, a tiny needle and seed beads - there's no end to different colours and different edgings you could play with...I feel a new obsession coming on.

They were sew quick that really, I have no excuse to not make more!


  1. Love this necklace. Very cute. Never got the hang of crochet. Will try again someday. purple24 from Blogging into 2013 (swapbot).

    1. Thank you - good luck if you ever pick up the crochet hook again!

  2. Great combination. I love pearls and teddys.
    Blogging into 2013
    swap bot

  3. Well I like both. But I think I prefer the one with just the chain. Maybe when you have a go at the finer cotton crochet thread the scallop edge will look better. Even I have never had a go at this. Is this a first?? Well done!! :)

    1. Good plan mummysew! I think I agree so well go with that :) this means I need crochet thread and bead supplies for Glasgow...hint hint :P x x


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