Monday, 28 January 2013

Post from NannyBake

I spend quite a bit of time thinking about organising, packing and filing! Mums hoping to move house soon and Tom will be quitting the 9-5 job to be off traveling before I graduate so between them there's a lot of organising happening!

At uni I can't really help, but I find little bits of my own to sort out. Nanny's letter to me are hidden all over the place. I'm rounding them up and binding them - Most still have envelopes so I can hole punch the envelope without damaging her long mis-spelt letters :p

I thought the book binding rings were perfect - I would maybe buy a smaller size next time though? I'm trying to pluck up the courage to bind all the birthday cards that I have lurking around, but some are so pretty that I daren't punch holes in them! 

I have a letter en-route this week too... *excited!*
p.s. Nanny has evolved into NannyBake recently. We all need blog pseudonyms!


  1. Hello! Very cute blog! So sorry that I am late, but I followed your blog!! My internet has been off for the last few days.
    Swap-bot: JessLynne

  2. What a brilliant idea. You may need the big ones eventually. x

    1. True :p Just added another envelope today...posting my reply ASAP if you want to post on the message! x


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