Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Flights booked!

MummySew started bloggin recently and I really like how she tells you a bit about her day to day life in-between her crafty posts and I fancied this was a good idea!

At the moment I'm on a surgical placement in the Southern Hospital in Glasgow - 5 weeks of general surgery, urology and breast surgery, clinics and ward rounds. Exciting stuff! Plus the hospital's having an epic make-over...

This is me in my 4th year of study - 12 months, 3 weeks until finals...but who's counting.

So after 3rd and 4th year in out summer 'holiday' we are expected to do a 4 week elective. Last year I went to London for 4 weeks to do Obs and Gynae...this year I hope to do A&E in Carlisle. I'm doing these in the UK for cheap unlike ALL my friends who are shooting off around the world.

On the plus side, this saves money for Tom and I to go to India for the remaining 3 weeks in my summer hols! I AM SO EXCITED!!! We booked flights this month so it really is getting exciting now!

1/8/13 - Set off Glasgow Airport to London Heathrow and eventually end up in Chennai 2/8/13 at 03:30

We decided to stop here for a few days instead of 10 hours between flights.

6/8/13 - Fly to Trivandrum, arriving mid-afternoon

From here we travel north, 1000km via Kerala and Karnataka to Goa

22/8/13 - Back to reality from Goa, via Mumbai (5 hours here...maybe we could pop out of the airport???) and London Heathrow to get back to Glasgow at 22:15

My planning head is going insane!! Hehe, I'm determined to have an open itinerary though - so make lists of cool places, and if we fancy going then so be it. This is going to be a very relaxing 3 weeks. I'm determined!

I cannot wait to get my hands on some indian textiles!! And spices!! And hide in cafes while the monsoon hits, explore temples and go on safari, see the markets and wear the local clothes...it's all I can think about right now! 

My tab at the top 'Travel Diary' should start filling up nicely in August :)


  1. Hello Tara, I really like your blog and your life seems to be very exiting. Have a nice holiday and relaxing holiday!

    vilima from QUICK Follow my Blog swap! #1

    1. Thanks Vilima! I'll be blogging loads when I'm back with textiles and scenery inspiration...I can't wait!!


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