Friday, 22 January 2010

Vintage Jar Labels

I emailed Jessica of howaboutorange a few days ago asking about label designs and she had a reply at her fingertips.
She sent me this link which I adored immediately. Sew beautiful!! I thought they looked a little like the labels you used to see on bars of soap?
I got to work and printed off one experimental sheet which I did very simply with a Microsoft Word application. They work wonderfully see?
The next step is a set of little ones for my spice/seed jars. I think they may take a little longer though. I will have to have my cut/paste wits (and patience) about me.
All that is left to do with these lovelies is a bit of trimming with a scalpel and then some sticking.

Perfect :)


  1. Hi Deborah thanks! They're so easy and effective - have a go! OWOH is great for meeting all these people :) thanks for visiting x

  2. Oh my! Those labels are awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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