Thursday, 21 January 2010

Presents from the Postie

Mr Postman brought me presents yesterday :)
Some more ridiculously soft wool from, of all places - Amazon! (here) Here's what it looks like as an addition to the blanket...its slowly growing inbetween revision and salsa-ing...

I think it matches quite well and I love crocheting it, its so soft! I'm up to about 60cm across - such a long way to go! A ball of wool only goes around twice now so i'm wondering how far i will get with my current stash! There may have to be some more sneaky buys along the way.
I'm currently contemplating whether i can pull off a little patchwork pincushion without a sewing machine. I do need something to stick pins in - needle books aren't quite as useful as a good old pincushion. We'll this space eh!

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