Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Meet Samantha...

Remember Maggie? She's just found a big sister! I swiped MummySew's pattern to have a go myself...
She has elbows this time! Which looks a little more normal...
And she sits up on her own! Something to do with being a little big bigger...that extra padding on the bottom!

See? Sitting :)
Oh yes and she darns her own petticoats...quite the housewife. Maggie gets mothered!
Her apron ties with a sweet little bow at the back...

And she has a bow in her hair and pearls around her neck!
She was great fun - really exciting to make, I am just unsure if she needs wings...I made some out of angelina fibre (which i bought a million years ago from Art Van Go and have never used) but they would cover her little pinny bow.
What do you think? Hm...

See how her feet are bigger to help her stand?

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