Friday, 8 January 2010

A Snowy Scene!

I drew the blinds today to find foot long icicles! Definately a first for us - sooo cold right now. We have worries about getting back up to Glasgow tomorrow, lots of roads have been closed and grit stores have all been used up. We'll just drive slowly and hope for the best i think. At least the drive will be pretty!
MummySew and I made a million party invitation cards yesterday (okay 33) which was fab thing to bo able to do for free from all our arty crafty stocks.
(i KNOW that this card has yellow, orange and puce pink all mixed in and i KNOW it should be horrible. but i adore it!)
We were very lazy and just cut and stuck, using pretty pretty embossed shiny papers and the like. We used up a lot of old cards, cutting out little pictures for a funny little twist. They're simple, but i think they work. Good fun too! Christmas cards might be done the same way this year. We have enough 'stuff' in this house to do it for years! Here's just a few random ones to show you...
(look at that beautiful snowy background! 7" - no wonder we're all grinding to a halt. thousands of school are closed! It makes me wish i was still at school, just so i could have a day off...)


  1. Hi Batmamma from Swap-bot, love your cards :-)

    Spent christmas in Manchester this year and everybody was just amazed at the weather. being swedish and kind of being used to snowy and cold winters I was a bit more blasé ;D


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