Sunday, 10 January 2010

Burlap Totes

This was gift from a friend who works with children, getting them to be part of a business and make things from scratch. This was one of the things they did this year!

The burlap used on the inside is divine - its from Betty's tearooms - its what their tea arrives in! The kids trade recycled things with Bettys for fabrics and other things, a great idea to get people recycling. They collect stamps and bottletops (which once they have the weight of a wheel chair in bottletops, they can actually swap for a wheelchair!) and even glasses and phones.
MummySew got one too...


  1. Hi there! THose bags are absolutely gorgeous! I'm linpengierhody from swap-bot and no, you're not my partner for me to check out but you checked me out and I just had to check your blog. THis is fun!

  2. Wow i love these bags, they are beautiful! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'll rate you as soon as you show up on my followers list. I've followed you as well :)

  3. That is an amazing bag. I love the recycled burlap!

    And swapping bottle caps for a wheelchair is just an incredible motivation to collect the bottle caps, I would think.

  4. HI! This is Wordsnob from Swapbot Be my blog follower on Blogger swap.

    These bags are VERY cool!


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