Friday, 15 January 2010

Twits and...oinks!

Just a few more little updates from the stockings this year...!

These little owlets came as a pair and are here for no other reason than i love them! :) The little lavender pouch is adorable and sew simple - just a length of lace seamed and stuffed, with a little bow :)
This is a slightly bigger patchwork lavender pouch that has a pattern lurking somewhere - i'll let you know when i dig it out. All my drawers will smell lovely this year :)

And this guy is a...pig?? I think so...curlytail, big circular nose - what else?! Its up for debate anyway. I bought him for Tom yesterday from oxfam because i want a whole family - he has a new welder so it should be put to a good (?) use!

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