Friday, 22 February 2013

Mixed Media A-level Canvas's

Some of my A-level canvases which I remembered to picture before they were crushed into the bins :s 
4 or 5 years ago now. Where does time go??

This was Little Red Riding Hood inspired - see the twigs, the trees coming to life, the 2 pictures of the granny and the wolf superimposed on top of dripping blood, her abandoned cloak and mini cartoons traipsing along the bottom edge. Very teenage angst don't you think :p

I don't even remember what inspired this project. And I've actually photographed it upside down!! I think da vinci was in there somewhere...Top right (should be bottom left) is a venice scene...there's a lilly in white outline on the bubbles too. I'll dig out the inspiration book and clue you and me both up sometime soon. 

This one was not by me...but most definitely inspired my A-level work. A close family friend (and ex-teacher!) Sarah gifted my this when I admired it :)

Voile, feathers, orange bags, fabric, paper, voile, card etc etc etc!! Beautiful.

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