Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I have a few little silly things on my to do list at the moment...

1. Make a valentine themed garland with chocolate coin papers...(getting there! Think it needs more pompoms...)
2. Finish my crochet llama (!)
3. Find pretty colouring pages to use as squiggley embroidery patterns.
4. Make random wall art thing with recycled magazine pages...(rethink stapling technique)

5. Papier mache something...(I'm thinking little bright bowls!)
6. Felt and embroider a set of stones...(one for each of the family?)
7. Create a crocheted flower and leaf garland...(currently testing patterns, not found the perfect one yet! I like the flower with the large centre...but love the heart! May need 2 garlands)

8. Find something gorgeous to make for OWOA

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness your going to be busy.
    1. Love them!
    2. laaaarmma :)
    3. I've just packed a load of those. lol you'll have to wait for the unpack.
    4. Stitch may be not staple with coloured wool?
    5. Oo nice messy play - me too!
    6. Very me too too - but I think I've pack all that too :(
    7. Check out my Crochet & Crochet Creatures boards on pinterest there are some patterns you could use (leaves, elephants, etc that are flat & small.
    8. Me too!
    Sounds like I need a 'To Do' list too. x


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