Monday, 18 February 2013

Mad Rush!

This weekend was amazing - so busy, but amazing! Tom bought me 2 enormous bunches of flowers which I had to snap a very quick picture of in-between outings. 

This was the cheesey card I sent him last week - I've never posted a Valentines card before and it was definitely very cheesey but made him smile. You get a few crumbs free with this picture :p

Then the weekend highlight was a trip to Castlerigg stone circle with some friends and their 3 year old who I am slowly learning to deal with. It's a difficult skill to master - communicating with children. Hats off to all you naturals out there!
Finished an amazing day off with a 4 mile run (ahem...walk) and the first BBQ of the season!! Warm enough with blankets and a fire pit :)

Again, I've added some fancy pics to the photography tab... but here are 2 to tempt you over :)

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