Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Well I've been busy! Maybe not crafting...but busy none-the-less.
As you will see from MummySews blog, I have been home for the weekend - we packed a million boxes or STUFF and practically emptied the attic. Packing away the craft room was hilarious - it's not nearly half done and we have so many yummy things to play with!
This is, of course, for Mums big move. We just don't know when yet!

We also went to see 'A Night in Vienna' which was an fantastic orchestra who played vienesse waltz's - usually Strauss all night. The composer was great fun and there were dancers and the odd operatic number too! Very cool :) us 3 generations loved it!

Then I trained back to Glasgow and rolled up some truffles. Rum Truffles and chocolate fudge (MummySew has the recipes here). And yes they are Barbie sprinkles.

What the occassion? I'm moving in with a GP family in Newton Stewart for 5 weeks. I'm on placement at their practice which is 2 hours away from Glasgow. They have 4 amazing kids and a huge dog.
Learning curve to say the least - very strange being part of a big family with family meals and outings and evening activities!! Fab house too.

The drive down was through the Galloway Forest Park which was stunning - drove past some really weird things! Blockloch tower for one...which sticks out like a rather impressive 4-storey thumb.

But there were also snow topped mountains and Lochside power plants. Would love to wander a few miles with my camera! Road-side snapping just wasn't good enough. As you can see:

It was so much more beautiful than these 2 crappy pics. You'll have to visit yourself to find out!

The first night I was here I agreed to go along to their running club. 6km run! Wow. 2 days later and I'm still aching. I suppose I better keep exercising though - in Glasgow I do weekly salsa and pole-dancing so I need to keep doing something while I'm away.

I am also loving seeing what the GPs do day-to-day. So much more than you would expect. 

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  1. Thank you sew much for the packing help. I'm doing some more today!
    Glad you enjoyed the concert, NannyBake & I did too. Its not often we all get to go out together.


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