Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Weekend in the Lakes...

I've had more han a week off work! And of course there was a special occasion - Tom's brother got married this weekend in the lake district, sew I've spent a few days on the banks of Thirlmere, and a few days in Carlisle with Tom.
We even treked up Helvelan...well, half way up anyway. I think we reached cloud level, and the pouring rain and horribly strong winds turned us around pretty sharpish. See? That's Thirlmere down there.
Being the fool I am, I took no photo's of me and Tom! But here's Hugh and Cath and little Oli, with Hughs brothers Tom and Jim on either side. The sun came out in prefect timing for photos and the whole day was beautiful! Good disco, good food, and great music by Tom's dad John. Their jazz band are called Traditional Old Pork Scratchings - or TOPS. Fantastic!

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