Thursday, 14 May 2009


Sew whats been happening in life? Well yesterday....(why wasn't this in yesterdays post? Who knows) I finished my Art A-level!! YAAAAAAY!! So glad thats all all over. It's so hard to be creative when you have a title to work to. Anyway, my project titles that ive been working on since September are self chosen 'Conflict' which evolved into work about the Suffragettes, and again, self chosen 'Infection Control' which was mainly textile based.
I chose Art and Literature out of the given list for my exam and used Little Red Riding Hood, looking at its dark side. Anyway, i'm mounting up next week, and if i get it all up on the walls, I'll pop a few pictures up :)
Now a sight such as this greatly upsets me. I love post. LOVE it. adore it. It is my reason for getting up in the morning! Literally. Sew when one of these comes through the letter box, its awful! I have to wait a whole extra day! AND i have to go and get it myself. The trouble is...when I go and collect it, I am convinced the post-lady is going to come while i am out and leave me another one. It's awful. :(
Aaaaanyway on a bright, cheerful, flowery note - look what Mummy Sew made!
We found a PDF tutorial here at Roman Sock. Aren't they cute :D Other cute things of the week - check out what i got in part of a Matchbox swap from smokeyquartz. Her etsy store is fabulous - i just love her headdresses.
The bag is so wow and the buttons are POW. The teeny tiny little book is just wonderful too! The ribbon, i bought myself the other day when i was in Skipton getting myself another teapot later!

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