Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sew we made a few Buttons

Mummy Sew and I were bored last we made buttons! Dragged the fimo out dusty and neglected as it was and had a play while Greys Anatomy was on (oh McDreamy!).

We made rolls of colour and layered them up so we had four colours in a little "snake", then sliced through to get little multicoloured flat circles...

Punched them twice with a needle et voila!! Buttons...not sure whether their sell-able, but they are cool.

These are just my favourites we did quite a few!

You like?

Oh, another recent swap I sent: I exchanged Paper Art Dolls. The top one i sent to RedRobin all the way to Kansas (pictured with a notecard - my little owl motif that i'm so addicted to!) and the far bottom i received from Kasade! Cool
I enjoyed making mine, although admittedly i've been rather busy and stressed with the A2 art exam - i am half way through the 15 hours that it takes to make the final piece. At the same time, finishing off the other 2 projects and writing an essay on the Suffragettes AND working nights...hence, Mummy Sew got involved before i could and really, she did most of it! The Skirt is tied at the back which i thought was a really cute little extra idea :)

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