Friday, 1 May 2009

Sew some glasses cases...

I have recently invested in 3 (yes THREE!) pairs of new sunglasses in prep for holiday times in mallorca again this year. When i say invested, i do infact mean raided charity shops, vintage fair stalls and friendly giveaways...
Anyway, cases aren't normally involved in such investments, and even if they were, they're normally too big and bulky, I decided a make was needed!

Owly motif was needed obviously and a lace voila!
Note the very snazzy wallace sunglasses donated by a tres generous friend!


Of course, three pairs of sunglasses mean more cases are to come...and velcro/poppers need to be added too!

Just added this to my Folksy store! Added a popper clasp too. I intend to make quite a few :)

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