Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What Dreams are Made of...

I went hunting for circular knitting needles and crochet hooks today...I hunted through the local charity shops and found some 2mm knitting needles. Are they used for ANYTHING?! I cannot for the life of me find a pattern for anything done on 2mm 80cm circular needles *sigh* They just get added to the pile then and the hunt continues. I might ebay it.
I want to make hats - ravelry has been taunting me with these things. I would love to try all sorts...
But they remain dreams until the right equipment comes my way. I did find a whole lot of vintage material and crochet scraps, which i resisted up to a point. Not having a sewing machine here is killing me. I am itching to get at big prints and make some handbags. I treated myself to some miniatures which proved wonderful inspiration for the upcoming Mothers Day.
Oh and the tiny little Petit Fours cases are so useful at the moment!

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