Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day! I made a card as usual, but was even more fuelled to DIY it after popping into Clinton Cards and seeing all the little cards at £5.00 each. No thanks! Anyway, Scherenschnitte came to the rescue with a gorgeous paper cut out (very fiddly - had to get the scalpel out!) that worked very well.
Download your own PDF and have a go yourself here - but do check out her other designs, they are all equally delightful!
I got a bit paper-cutting mad and found this idea on How About Orange and used that to frame my message as well. I copied her pattern but its basically a well thought out paper snowflake! I can't wait to try some other designs :)

Oh and i found these gorgeous earrings on Folksy which are very Mummy Sew. Just missed the sale *sigh* but Gama agreed to pop a little Happy Mothers Day note in the packet for me which was lovely of her and meant i could post direct to Ma.

To Finish...Happy Mothers Day MummySew! Thank you for your love and attention, your patience and education. I cannot wait to see you again :)

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  1. Whose Gorgeous!
    The card is even more beautiful than the photo depicts it. Must have taken ages – even with the scalpel! The earrings are beautiful and will be worn lots – very me. Can’t wait to have you home either – not long now. Much Love Mummy Sew x O x


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