Sunday, 7 March 2010


Marianne of Applehead had a little giveaway of one of her lovely little pen and ink drawings a while back - she asked us to name one of her little creations. Sew here is Ringo!
She wrapped him up very cutely sew he peeked through the paper! I loved her idea of using the teeny little tags.
Isn't he lovely? I have to get him framed up in something equally tiny and cute. She emailed me when she was drawing him asking if i would like anything particular to accompany him...I suggested a teapot and it turns out she had already drawn one alongside him! Great minds obviously think alike - he was destined to come my way :)
I haven't posted about anything crafty for a while and i do apologise! I will whip something up for you soon I am sure (as soon as this horrible coursework is out of the way)!

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