Friday, 19 February 2010

Thanks Postie

OWOH giveaways have been given to the postie and are off on their to Australia, two to the US and one to the UK!
I re-use jiffy bags all the time - and it saddens me slightly to see them in such a sorry state...But this little guy makes me feel a little better.
'I'm not scruffy, I'm recycled'
Precisely :)

EDIT: after many hours of trawling through internet sites i found this little guys home! He came from here! I simple copied him and used Microsoft Word to make the labels :)


  1. I love that package sticker. i recycle most of my packaging and even send parcels in recycled Christmas paper instead of brown paper.

  2. I always try to re-use jiffy bags too - your fun little stickers are great!

    Sounds like your romantic trip was wonderful!

  3. I don't know what jiffy bags are, but those little stickers are Adorable with a capital A! Where did you find them or did you make them? I'll be watching the mail - can't wait to see the way cute pins I've won :)

  4. Maybe 'jiffy bag' is english - i never knew! Its just the bubble wrap padded envelopes to post pressies in.
    I found my little hedgehog on a blog somewhere and have desperately tried to find him again to give credit where due, but sadly, i can't track him down!

  5. Tara I love to recycle the sticker is great. I shall have to make some kind of sticker for my recyeled parcels, great idea,.
    Your gift was posted Wednesday, so hopefully you should receive it by today at the latest if you havent already. Lindax

  6. Im following from the Blogger 2 swap on Swapbot. My username is KountryGurl on there! Nice blog!!

  7. Hi Tara,

    My packet arrived today - thank you so much for all the lovely assorted papers, I'm sure I'll find lots of uses for them.

    Best wishes

    Sherry :)

  8. Those stickers are great, did you make them yourself?

  9. Hi Tara
    My packet arrived today.
    The hair bows are too cute!

    And your recycled sticker is ab. fab.
    I always reuse packaging too but never thought of such a clever way to let others know too.



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