Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Robin Hoods Bay

I had the most wonderful weekend. I think I've mentioned this three times here already but I DID. look...
We had an eco lodge for the night in Ravenscar just down the coast from Robin Hoods Bay.
Tom organised the most beautiful flowers and chocolates!

We had a log burning stove and 2 floors with a kitchen and the most decadent wallpaper and chandeliers all to ourselves! Gorgeous lodges with the most spectacular views...

We went for a swim at the hotel, wandered down into Robin Hoods Bay and went fossil hunting and found an amenite fossil! And some cheats fossil hunting...which was too pretty and touristy to refuse! Isn't it inspiring??

Oh and we went out for the yummiest dinner at the Wayfarer Bistro also in Robin Hoods Bay which had the most gorgeous abstract artwork. I had lemon sole, and Tom had seabass - it seemed rude not to have fish when they were so famous for it.

We giggled all weekend, had tea and cakes at every tearoom we passed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Of course going back home to MummySew was lovely too. Amazing home cooking, crafty times and bread making...I didn't want to leave :(


  1. It was lovely having you and Tom home. Roll on Easter for more of the same! The Fridge may have recovered by then. :)

  2. wow! Those flowers are amazing!! lucky lady. x


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