Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Stanley and Snuggles

I had a bit of a blog shuffle a few days ago - very traumatic! I added a third column on the right with a fantastically easy tutorial from here (after wading through the terrifically unhelpful and complicated tutorials everywhere else!).
I also added Maggie to the header...she'll have a few friends soon i hope. I have two themes in this space :)
Its snowed today - lots of lovely beautiful snow! Everyone here is annoyed...but i don't think the novelty has worn off for me yet - i love it.
Anyway heres a few things i've been meaning to show you...
Remember I oooh-ed at these?? Well look what arrived in the post! Its amazing - sooo warm and snuggley. Its looks a bit mad!
I had no idea how to photograph it - i think ot looks like a nest. Or a large furry animal!

Oh and did i tell you about Stanley?? I got him for Christmas - here he is coming up to Glasgow...i think we shocked a few fellow motorists, but he nursed the picnic well all the way!
I'm still amazed at the response to my giveaway - not long to go now. Its nice to know sometimes, that i don't just ramble to myself.


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  2. Adding you to my list from 'Be my blog follower on BLOGGER 2 on swap-bot'. first off, congrats for figuring out how to add a new column - that's awesome! 2nd, Stanley is a classic! LOVE IT! Can't wait to continue to see what you post.


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