Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Tutorial: Easy Gift Tags

Remember these? I came up with a use for them - a student Christmas budget means little things like this help out a lot!
Gift tags are as easy as...
1. Fimo cut outs using biscuit cutters or mini icing cutters - thin slices baked in the oven
2. Fabric shapes from the scrap bucket and the ever faithful Uhu
3. ...et voila! Handy free gift tags!!


  1. WOW, I love them. Thanks a lot! I might try them with my fabric buttons.

    Mad About Pink

  2. Hi ! I'm Tammy (tamtamlee) from swap-bot. "End of the year blog comment" swap.

    Tags are really cute!

  3. Beautiful as always. I need to make a few of these to keep in my gift closet.
    Send gifts to pakistan from usa

  4. hi, I was just wondering where u got the cardboard tags from? thankyou


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