Monday, 4 October 2010

Driftwood Dreams

I have always loved driftwood crafted items - something so raw about them, all those worn down curves on something that's usually so the first attempted item was simple - bookend for MummySew! Tom and I had some trouble thinking of something cool to get mummysew for christmas last year...she had seen these on folksy and wowed at them, sew we thought we would have a go.

We went to the beach somewhat doubting that we'd find any driftwood at all...but look at our spoils! It was pettycur bay we visited, in Fife, and despite it being a scottish November, the sun was shining and with all the rock hopping and digging, we soon warmed up :)
I hosed them down in the shower to get rid of all the sand and crawlies and then leant them up against the radiator to dry...which took weeks. About a week before christmas tom got to work finding dowels. He made two lead dowels for weight which he slotted down into holes he drilled in the base...and then he drilled down the lead dowels to add wooden ones that would hold the upright of the bookends in place.

They have quite a good weight now to keep them upright and rubber feet on their base for grip. Between us we came up with the design, trying to keep them both slightly different - quirky?
p.s. can you tell how behind I am with posting? i'm still catching up with last years chrsitmas presents!


  1. Oh! I love this idea! Usually book ends are too cheesy, or too boring! These are lovely!

  2. Wow.. this looks like something I'd do :-) what a great idea..
    We don't get much driftwood here where I live but on Westfjords I've found so many treasures.. I could spend hours at the beach :)
    I really like your blog and will be visiting again!

    ~Vala (from swapbot)

  3. OMG my boyfriend LOVES collecting driftwood. He's going to love this!

  4. These are amazing. Makes me want to go to the beach.

  5. Great idea! This would make a nice gift for my dad, but.. unfortunately.. I don't live near an area that collects driftwood (no beaches in Dallas, lol).. But maybe I can find a craft store with some faux-driftwood to get a similar effect. :)

  6. So glad you stopped by my OWOH posting so I could come visit you. I love these bookends! Very inventive.


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