Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Sew I'm a bit late...

...but Happy Easter anyway!
Sew what did we do?? Easter day was a long walk with the man through the beautiful and local Plumpton Rocks with a few pictures for the old (and slightly neglected) A-level...

And then I had a wonderfully childish time in the kitchen and made these, having just been presented with a cupcake book from Mummy Sew.

Then off to work a night shift ...good day though :)


  1. Trees are so awesome, aren't they? WokeUpMissing @

  2. What a beautiful tree! I would like to go there and see that. I live in the Plains part of Texas, so not much of that sort nearby for me to visit! The cupcakes look yummy. I'd like the one with the yellow frosting and the candy fruit slices on top!

  3. Oh wow.... the tree roots are amazing!

    via swap-bot ;-)

  4. Tree reminds me of a childhood place we used to play at.


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