Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Sew i've started swapping!

I've discovered the coolest website! (okay sew i discovered it about a month ago and have only just blogged about it...) it's called swap-bot and you literally sign up, write a little about yourself and start swapping. How fab??
Sew my first swap was a matchbox swap. Theme: green
Here was what I sent...
It's surprising how much you can fit into a matchbox! I put in a few handmade beads, felt balls, one of my new felt drawing pins and quite a bit else besides...
I packed it all in and wrapped it up in brown paper and green ribbon. It looked delicious!
I joined a few others that were themed pink and purple, and yellow and teal see?
Started adding extras for a heart and to destash a little! Also little notes on mini cards.

And Tea Themed, with 2 english rose teabags inside...

sew yes, over the past month, i've had a bit of a matchbox phase.... but they ARE cute, are they not?

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