Monday, 7 June 2010

Vintage Linen

Mum's been dredging through grannies drawers to find the old embroidered linen and has found a good few tablecloths lurking in the charity shops for a few pounds a piece also...they're for the party in the summer...VERY english :)

She added this cushion cover to her collection the other day as well...the 2 sides are very different and don't particularly match, but are both gorgeous! I'll show you again once its stuffed :)
Treacle's snuck a paw in there too :) she approves!


  1. Ooooh..I love vintage anything! Wished I had several pieces of those linens! Visiting from swap-bot's 'Check Out My Blog' swap.

  2. I am ur partner for the "Check Out My Blog!" swap at Swap-Bot and i want to say u have a great blog!!


  3. Hi Tara
    I'm visiting from Swap-bot too. Your comment on reading the children's classics is so true and I must put re-reading Alice in Wonderland and Louisa May Alcotts "Little Women" on my To Do list. I loved them when I was a child! cheers

  4. i'M HERE FROM sWAP-BOT! Ilove your blog! Wish you had a newsletter! Blessings!

  5. Pretty stuff. I like the idea of some long ago woman embroidering the pieces. I have a couple of bits of embroidered linen. Some of the old tablecloths make nice curtains.


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