Thursday, 22 October 2009

Book worm alert!

What I actualy mean is, failed book worm alert...since I've been neglecting the long hours i used to spend with my nose in a book. When i spend hours in the library looking up medically things all day, the last thing i want to do is come home and read. But i do miss it.

Conundrum eh! Well it hasn't stopped me buying books, i suppose ill get to missing it enough that i'll eventually pick all these books back up. My most recent purchases were from a few tables outside on Byres Road...and among the stacks and stacks of books i found these:

Now Mummy Sew cries her eyes out every time she watches The Bridges of Madison County - sew i saw the book and thought i better give it a go before i see the film. Saving it for a cry day though! And Daddy Long Legs - my Nan has a copy of this - but this is illustrated (see below) and its seewww cuuutttee! I will have to read it again, i've no idea what its about but i have fond memories of it lurking in the back of my mind :)

Besides those, these have been lurking on my shelves for a while. I'm half way through vanity fair - keep putting it down in annoyance at Becky Crawley and her vain vain ways. And the hunchback of Notre Dame - well it just needs to be read.

That top book is 'A childs garden of verses' by R L Stevenson. What gorgeous illustrations! The book on the right is one of the illustrations from Daddy Long Legs...

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