Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sew a little storage...

Sew...first blog!

First things first I suppose - dragged everything out of the cupboards and attic into a big tangle and immediately decided I needed some storage!!

The first I found on a tutorial by Applehead and adapted. 'H' design works really well, i just changed fabrics, added pockets and handles and hey presto here we are (albeit with a few pins still in!)...

Then I got a little enthusiastic and found another tutorial by crazymomquilts, sew ended up making another set of only by running out of little quotes for the front.

Odds and Ends
Bits and Bobs
Stuff and Things

Perfect for all my little scraps.
The fabrics I used are cut out of old fabric books - a great way of finding fabric lying about.

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